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How to Choose a Restaurant 5 Tips for Diners


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With nearly 60% of American adults dining out at least once a week, it’s easy to fall into the routine of a few favorite spots. But do you ever feel like shaking things up a bit? There are lots of ways to help you decide on some new restaurants to try so you are not going in totally blind.

#1. Browse Social Media for Recommendations

Sometimes your friends’ addictions to social media can be used to your advantage. The trend of sending photos of food might come in handy when looking for new restaurants to try. Check your news feed and see if any plates look especially tasty, or scroll looking for any positive reviews or recommendations for restaurants. In this day in age, if people go to a fabulous new restaurant, chances are someone will post something about it. Shared comments and images on Facebook help nearly 75% of people decide on a new restaurant or retail store to try.

#2. Peruse Online Menus

Many places now post their restaurant menu online, often on their website. If you are looking for something particular or are a picky eater, browsing a menu beforehand can be essential for ensuring you will find something to suit your taste buds. Looking at menus can also often help make sure the restaurant is in your price range, saving you the embarrassment or shock when its too late to do much about it. Menus that have a wide variety of choices are important to nearly 80% of diners.

#3. Look for Healthy Option Indicators

Just because you are eating out doesn’t mean you have to abandon your ambitions to eat healthy. The majority of restaurant diners believe healthy menu options to be important. Often, there are clues to figure out if a restaurant offers healthy options such as nutrition facts posted to a website or a special menu section with healthier options. If someone has special dietary restrictions, calling a restaurant ahead of time to see if options are available can save you some anxiety.

#4. Check Out Restaurant Guides

If you live in a larger city, chances are you could find a restaurant guide to provide lots of information about local restaurants. Some even provide reviews or ratings by customers and can give insight into newer locations that you are deciding whether or not to try out for the first time.

#5. Narrow Down by Cuisine

In areas with a plethora of restaurants to decide between, sometimes the best place to start is by choosing a cuisine that is agreeable to everyone in your dining party. Popular standby choices include American or Italian cuisine, or you could look into more of a niche category such as a sea food specialty. This decision can help make the decision more manageable.

If you have any additional tips for diners looking to choose a good restaurant for a special night out, or just to change up the weekly dinner routine, please share your ideas!

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