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Florida’s Top Restaurants For Brunch


Brunch has been around far longer than any of us can fathom—a combination of breakfast AND lunch? It’s impossible to think someone didn’t create such a great combination before the word brunch caught on, I’m sure they just didn’t have a name for such a thing. The word ‘brunch’ was first seen in a column of the New Oxford in 1896. Regardless, everyone has eaten brunch at some point in their lives, even if they don’t realize it—and I bet they loved it. Brunch is a bit of an oddball; it’s a specified combination meal that everyone makes differently, which is why it isn’t hard to believe some of the best brunches are international versions that place a traditional spin we can’t seem to eat enough of. Statistics showed in 2016, 80% of individuals preferred American cuisine when dining out, but a recent survey conducted in 2018 showed a significant change. Nearly 63% of professional chefs predicted ethnic-inspired breakfast foods would be considered “hot trends” on restaurant menus in the U.S. Food shows us, like everything else, it follows certain trends—brunch being an ongoing trend that has become even more popular due to its portrayal in movies and TV shows. But even if you don’t consider brunch to be one of your ‘things’ there are a few restaurants with a brunch menu that might make you rethink.

Best Brunch Places In Miami

Miami is home to many famous attractions, so why wouldn’t food be one of them? Known for its bold people and even bolder attitudes, Miami is also home to some of the best authentic cuisines around not to mention their beautiful outdoor restaurants. Miami is a hub of creative and vibrancy with a rich history to match its people and all the intertwined cultures that make it possible to create such a diverse state. Located in Coral Gables and Coconut Grove, Florida are some of the best brunch places with the scenery to match.
Talavera Cocina Mexicana: One of the most authentic restaurants in Miami—their food is only half the attraction! Beautifully decorated with Talavera pottery, considered one of the most precious, refined pottery in Mexico this restaurant finds its name through strong Mexican roots. Pottery making has a long tradition in Mexican culture that was later used to decorate convents and monasteries throughout Puebla by using the techniques of majolica. Like its standards for food, its pottery design is the same—if the pottery is not from four specific municipalities in Puebla, it’s not considered Talavera, and only 6 color pigments and combinations are authorized: light blue (cobalt), green (copper), orange (amanita), deep blue (cobalt), black (iron), and yellow. (antimony) Similar to its need for authentic display, their food isn’t any different—their Saturday and Sunday Brunch menu includes an array of traditional Mexican dishes, such as Chilaquiles, Tacos de Barbacoa, and Huevos Rancheros that keeps customers coming back for more.

Jaguar: A staple in authentic Latin American foods in Coral Gables, Florida, Jaguar offers a dining experience like no other—their beautiful designs offset by their authentic menu is what makes them among the best restaurants in Miami. Their quality and food presentation allow customers to truly revel in both the cuisine and the environment that offsets the authenticity that Jaguar provides. Their menu shows their diverse style of cooking that customers can’t get enough of—their Latin American flare gives an entirely new meaning to the word brunch, with their variety of items, like Caballeros Pobers, Monte Cristo, and Latinos-Benedictions that customers love.

Peacock Garden Bistro:Considered one of the top restaurants in Coconut Grove, Peacock offers a world-class experience for contemporary American foods with an upscale flair that serves some of the freshest prepared food around. They are also known for being one of the best restaurants with outdoor seating, with statistics showing nearly 48% of American diners prefer eating out in the summer—a beautiful sight that could place anyone in a serene mood. Their brunch menu is one to boast on with a fusion of American and international cuisines to provide guests with the best of both worlds, which many restaurants can’t attest to with just a brunch menu.

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