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What Is Your Favorite Kind of Frozen Treat?


Peanut butter. The breakfast of champions. If you mother had her way it would also be the lunch and dinner of champions as well. And while you love a PB and J sandwich as much as the next person, your mother has taken her love for this protein filled snack to a whole new level. It is not only one of her favorite breakfasts, it has also become a challenge for for because peanut butter is one of the foods she can easily overeat.
Go figure. Too much of anything is never a good thing.
Although your mother is a peanut butter fanatic, you save your eating preferences for something a little more sweet: ice cream. Whether you are on a work trip and are looking for the most popular late night ice cream Miami style or you are looking for a tasty dessert after a company dinner, this frozen treat is always your preference.

Ice Cream Remains a Favorite Sweet Treat for Many Americans

You can be searching for the best desserts in Miami or looking for a great way to help a child celebrate a perfect report card and quickly realize that there are few people who will turn down a frozen treat. From gourmet popsicle shops to many other frozen treat trends, there are a number of ways that you can satisfy your sweet tooth no matter where you are. You are, for instance, just as likely to find a corner dessert option when you are looking for late night ice cream Miami as when you are vacationing during the longest summer days of Alaska.

Although there are ice cream shops on corners around the U.S., there are also many regional selections that can make one area stand out from the others. For instance, dulce de leche filled paleta may be especially popular in Miami, but may not be very common up north. In the midwestern city of Omaha, Nebraska, on the other hand, College World Series fans from around the country anticipate the announcement of the eight flavors that are introduced each tournament. One named for each of the teams playing that year, as a team loses their flavor drops off the menu of the popular shop that will have lines all day and every night.

No matter what kind of day you are having, ice cream is often a great option. From late night ice cream Miami to afternoon frozen treats during a summer day in Anchorage, Alaska, you rarely go wrong with ice cream. Who knows, you might even have some morning when you serve yourself a bull of peanut butter ice cream for breakfast. A truly sweet breakfast of campions!

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