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Gas vs Induction vs Electric Which Kitchen Stovetop Is Best?


Picking the proper stovetop for your home cooking endeavors is important to make sure you capitalize on the strengths you need in a stovetop.


The newest technology in this video, the induction stovetop works by passing an electromagnetic current through several coils under the stovetop. This current then passes on to your pan that must have iron elements inside of it (don’t worry all cooking pans do). The iron then takes on the current from the coils, thus heating up your pan.

The benefit of this system is that the stovetop is 90% efficient or 90% of the energy is going into cooking your food, which means a healthier environment and smaller electric bill.

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Gas Stoves

Next up is the classic gas stove that requires cooking with fire. Although the most fun to cook with, gas stoves can be dangerous with open flames which is why it’s important to have gas range installers perform your install for you. Another pro of the gas stove is a very specific and wide range of your temperature. Another pro for temperature control is visual temperature control which means you can see how big or small the flame is.


Last up is the electric stovetop. Perhaps the best of both worlds, this cheaper option is good on efficacy, typically offers glass tops which means no pesky cleanup, and is safer than gas stoves. One downside is that electric stoves still are not as energy efficient as induction stoves.

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