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Here are Three Interesting Facts You Might Not Have Known About Coffee


Coffee has become ubiquitous in the United States and across the world. Everywhere you look, there are coffee shops on every corner in every city from coast to coast, sometimes right next to each other. The Internet is literally full of jokes and memes about how people can’t get through a day without their coffee to give them a boost of caffeine throughout the day. Without a doubt, coffee is here to stay. Nothing is ever going to replace it in popularity. However, there are still some facts about coffee that you might not have known before today. This article is going to look at several interesting facts about everyone’s favorite hot beverage: coffee.

  • There are Actually Only Two Types: One of the most interesting facts is that, despite the dozens of varieties of beans that exist in the world, there are actually only two primary types of coffee that exist around the world. These primary types are named Arabica (coffea arabica) and Robusta (coffea robusta). Of the two types, the vast majority of coffee in the world comes from the Arabica variety of coffee beans, which accounts for about sixty percent of all production according to EnjoyJava!. In other words, your favorite drink is probably made from Arabica coffee.
  • It is an Incredibly Popular Drink in the United States: Another thing you might not have known is just how popular a drink coffee is in the United States. It’s also popular in the rest of the world as well, but it is especially so in the United States. Of course everyone knows that coffee is popular, but did you know that over half of all Americans 18 years old and over drink coffee every single day? Think about it, that’s half the adult population drinking the same beverage every day of the year, a huge amount of people by any estimation. This means there are few drinks as popular as everyone’s favorite source of caffeine.
  • It Dates back to Ancient Times: A third thing you might not have known is that a drink made from ground coffee dates back to ancient times. It is a drink that dates back at least to the 15th century, if not earlier according to Good Housekeeping and was originally traced back to Yemen, though it’s believed the drink originally came from Ethiopia. Whatever its origins, from the moment of its introduction, this drink has become incredibly popular and has stayed that way in the five hundred plus years since it was discovered and first made into something that could be drunk and enjoyed by people.

In conclusion, this article has looked at several facts about coffee that you may not have known before now. These include the fact that there are actually only two primary varieties of coffee; it’s an incredibly popular drink in the United States (and by extension around the world); coffee is not a new drink, it actually dates back over five hundred years to Arabia and Ethiopia.

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