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Looking Into What Everyone Needs To Know To Run A Successful Coffee Shop


For a great many people, coffee and coffee drinks are life’s blood. After all, more than half of the adult population has coffee each and every day, with an additional one third consuming the stuff at least occasionally. With the typical cup of coffee a mere nine ounces, it should come as no surprise that the average coffee drinker will consume, on average, just over three cups of coffee for each and every day that passes. And for the American population in general, this number is still at over one and a half cups per day.

There are many reasons that coffee consumption is so high. For one thing, drinking coffee can be ideal for maintaining alertness and high levels of performance in just about any place of work. Getting up for the day can be hard, but coffee can help then and as a pick me up during the middle of the day as well, typically during the lunch hour. For this reason, more than 60% of all coffee consumption takes place during these morning hours, with an additional near one third of coffee consumption occurring during lunch hours, when most people are able to take a break and find the time to go get a cup of the stuff.

Another reason for the popularity of coffee is simply that so many different kinds of it are available. Drip coffee is still popular and in fact, there are more kinds of drip coffee out there than ever before. Drip coffee can come in all different flavors and strengths, meaning that there is likely a kind of drip coffee out there for just about everyone. Specialty coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, espresso shots and beyond are also very popular, so much so that up to half of the population of this country as a whole is consuming them at least once in awhile, if not on a much more regular basis.

And though up to 86% of all people will make their own coffee at home (a percentage that is up by as much as a full 4% in recent years), many people still frequent independent coffee shops as well. After all, it has also been found that independent coffee shops are able to collectively bring in as much as $12 billion over the course of a single year of business. There are reasons that this is the case, from the ambiance to the specialty drinks that the average person cannot get from home.

But in order for any given independent coffee shop to find notable success, they must have access to all the tools of the trade. Some of these tools will be more significant, like the drip coffee machine or espresso machine, but even the smaller ones matter. Such is the case for wooden stir sticks for coffee. Wooden stir sticks for coffee are hugely useful for those ordering drip coffee, as up to 65% of all drip coffee drinkers add some amount of cream and sugar, leaving only just over one third of the coffee drinking population to take their coffee black. Adding cream and sugar is supremely easier, of course, when wooden stir sticks are offered. In fact, wooden stir sticks make it possible to blend in such ingredients at all, making wooden stir sticks more valuable than one might realize.

In addition to these wooden stir sticks, white disposable coffee cups are also critical for the success of any given coffee shop, independent or otherwise. After all, most people will get their coffee to go, as they are grabbing a cup on their way to work or on their way back to work, in the case of those who stop in on their lunch break. For most people, this will mean having a limited amount of time – and therefore needing something that is both fast as well as convenient – and high in quality. So while offering reusable cups for people to stay in the shop can be a great way to reduce waste, white paper coffee cups still matter quite a bit indeed, to say the very least.

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