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True Leaves, Microgreens and Edible Flowers-What You Need To Know


True leaves are the first “real leaves” that appear on a plant. True leaf microgreens are the leaves that are harvested from an edible plant (greens) and incorporated into a recipe or the presentation of a meal.

Microgreens with true leaves are thought to be higher in nutrients than their mature plant counterparts. They deliver exceptional health benefits and are other used in wide range of high-end cuisine.

What They Are NOT

There are some misconceptions about what microgreens and true leaves are. The biggest misconception is that they are “sprouts”. They are not sprouts! Sprouts are grown differently, harvested differently and are an entirely different product.

Microgreens are also NOT easy to grow at home. It is an art to be able to grow these plants.

What They Are

True leaves are not “seed leaves”. They are the first true leaves that appear on the plant. They contain the vascular tissue. Microgreens come from true leaves. They are nutrient dense leaves.

A World of Exciting Flavors

There is a world of amazing flavors that are delivered through edible flowers for salads, edible flowers used as teas and true leaves microgreens that you are missing out on. Adding edible flowers and microgreens can transform a so-so dish into something unforgettable.

Edible flowers and microgreen ingredients have a long culinary history. They have been used through out the ages to deliver delicious nutrition, garnish and dress up everything from main courses to delectable deserts.

Quality Really Matters

Like with all ingredients, the quality of the true leaves and edible flowers plays a tremendous role in your recipe results. Choosing organic high-quality microgreens and edible flowers is vital to the overall experience of the meal.

Whether you are an experienced chef, or you simply want to try out something new make your purchase from a trusted source that is committed to providing high quality options. It can be a challenge to find these ingredients at your corner market.

Many chefs turn to online sources to find the ingredients that they can depend on for safety, freshness and quality. A trusted source can help you experiment with new recipes.

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