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Of All the Different Types of Hummus – Which One Best Suits Your Personality?


Recipes with hummus

Who doesn’t love the smooth, creamy deliciousness of hummus? It’s a great option for dipping or spreading on a variety of foods. However, there are tons of flavors of hummus out there and it’s near impossible to pick just one. Take our quiz to see which type of hummus best suits your personality that you’re sure to love!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, you?d visit:
A. Greece
B. Spain
C. Italy

Your friends might describe you as:
A. Dependable and loyal
B. A real firecracker
C. A bit shy until someone gets to know you

At a party, we?d most likely find you:
A. Trying to entertain everyone
B. Singing karaoke
C. Sitting on the couch sharing stories with a friend, enjoying a nice glass of wine

When you were younger, your dream job was:
A. A pediatrician
B. A movie stunt man
C. A college professor

What do you like to put hummus on?
A. It goes great with anything, I can?t decide!
B. On something unusual, like pizza
C. Freshly baked pita bread

Mostly A: Classic Hummus
It?s a tried-and-true, timeless favorite. Classic hummus is a universally appealing option among other flavors of hummus. Just because you?re plain doesn?t mean you?re boring! You?re not encumbered with a bunch of fancy add-ons; people like you just as you are. If you are like classic hummus spread, you?re easy to get along with and are a trustworthy friend.
Mostly B: Spicy Hummus
You enjoy the bolder things in life and are just like spicy hummus! You?re not afraid to shake things up and try unexpected combinations, like jalapenos with your chickpeas. You think outside the box of traditional uses for hummus spread and adopt the same principles in your everyday life. You?re the first of your friends to try anything new from salsa dancing to skydiving, and you?re often seen as the life of the party. You?re like the more unique flavors of hummus that aren?t afraid of a little adventure.
Mostly C: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Just like roasted red pepper hummus, you can be a bit unassuming until someone gets to know you. You may appear to be a bit shy, but under the lid you?re sweet, complex and a real scholar. Just like the slow roasting of a sweet pepper, you take a bit of time to come out of your shell. You enjoy the finer things in life and understand the importance of quality over quantity. You love to indulge in the best hummus brand when it comes to your dips and spreads.

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