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Wedding Trends How Adding Your Passion To Your Special Day Can Make It Even Better


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A wedding is not just one day; it is the start of a life together — and it often represents a significant financial investment, too. The average wedding costs just shy of $30,000 for ceremony and reception. Add in all the extras and you are looking at a large sum. So it is important that your wedding reflects who you and your partner are. Customizing wedding experiences can make all the difference in creating that perfect day.

The marriage between golf and weddings may seem an odd one, but it can pay dividends. One lucky couple getting married at a golf course in October were lucky enough to have President Barack Obama crash their wedding — and pose for photos — after he finished playing his round. While not every bridal couple will score such a win, many do choose to incorporate their golfing passion into their wedding, from golfing wedding toppers to pre-wedding day golf tournaments. It is part of a larger trend to truly customize wedding experiences to reflect the interests and activities of both bride and groom in interesting ways.

So while you or your groom work on your best golf game ever with some of your guests, others can enjoy a pre-wedding or morning after brunch. Considering that there are about 23 million golfers in America, according to Bloomberg, chances are your golfing-themed or golf course wedding will be a hit with at least some of your guests. Over 30% of weddings are now held outdoors, according to research. What better places for wedding receptions than lush, green golf courses? It might not result in both of you playing your best golf game ever. After all, the odds of two holes in one in a single golf round is over 67 million to one!

Of course, reflecting your and your partner’s interests is not limited to golf (or whatever other activity you may engage in). Increasingly, incorporating cultural elements into a wedding is becoming more popular. Wedding food is one example.

Brunch, which has its roots in England, and which took over 30 years to inspire similar offerings in the U.S., is one wedding dining experience that is under-valued. Unique brunch offerings like Asian-flavored syrups, Chorizo scrambled eggs or coconut milk pancakes were a “hot trend” for restaurant menus in 2015, for 67% of respondents to a recent survey. An interesting selection of food items that combine different ethnic influences can be a unique choice from a brunch after the wedding,

Or perhaps opt for a rehearsal brunch instead of the traditional dinner? Average spending on rehearsal dinners hit $1,184 in 2013 and couples spent about $457 on their wedding brunch. So mix it up!

Whether you are working on your best golf game ever or experimenting with unique culinary flavors, your wedding will be a true reflection of you!

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