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Should You Refill or Exchange your Propane Tank?


is it cheaper to exchange propane tank or refill

UPDATED 11/19/20

Liquid propane tanks provide gas for outdoor gas grilling. About 17 percent of survey respondents say that they barbeque severally in a week during summer. After using up the gas, you can either choose to refill the empty tank or exchange it with a full tank. Luckily, propane tanks are readily available at home improvement centers, local hardware stores or even mass merchandise centers. For a smooth grilling, you need to know how much gas is left before propane refill or tank exchange and observe bbq grills maintenance. If you do not want to run out of propane while in the middle of grilling, ensure you check the propane level before cooking. Here are easy tests you can do to check the propane level.

Water Test

If you are unsure of how long the propane gas will last, the water test can help you. Pour a cup of hot water on the side of the tank. The part that has propane will be cold to touch. This will help you know where the propane level starts.

Check Weight

Measuring the weight of the tank by how heavy it feels will give you inaccurate weight. You should get accurate weight by weighing the propane tank on the scale.

Advantages of Refilling Propane Gas

Refilling tank is much cheaper than exchanging. Propane refill is a good idea if you prefer to maintain your tanks instead of relying on tank exchange services. Many exchange vendors have a policy that limits how much propane you can add to a tank. You may, therefore, notice that you get more propane when you refill the tank instead of exchanging.

Tips for Propane Refill Phoenix

Propane tanks have expiration dates. It is important to check when your propane tank will expire. Note that, some refill stations do not accept tanks that are past their specified lifespan. If your tank is in good condition, you can extend its lifespan in a re-certification site. You can also exchange it in a home improvement store.

You should never refill an expired, rusty or dented tank. Avoid disposing of damaged propane tanks in the household garbage. Always dispose off your propane tanks at a hazardous waste collection site.

Advantages of Propane Tank Exchange

residential propane supplier

Exchanging propane gas tank is not only fast but also convenient. Some exchange points are open during the night, weekends, and at odd hours. Similarly, there are more exchange locations than refill points. Most exchange locations are located at gas stations, chain stores like home depot, and convenience stores. We even have companies that deliver exchange tanks to homes and businesses.

Exchange services ensure that the tank is cleaned, inspected, and tested for leaks. The tanks also come with up to date safety information and instructions printed on top. Ensure you check online reviews of vendors to ensure they uphold safety practices.

Important considerations for Propane Tank Exchange

Check the Weight

Propane tanks come with different tare weights. When exchanging your tank, look for one with the lowest tare weight. If your empty tanks weigh more than a new tank, you will get less gas during refilling.

Check the Condition of the Tank

You should never accept old or corroded tanks. Similarly, you should never accept a tank that is near its expiration date. The exchange site may refuse to accept the expired tank the next time you go for propane gas exchange. If your tank threading does not match your new bbq grill regulator, you can exchange the tank with a new one that has the correct threading.

Buy Two Tanks

Here is a pro tip. Buy two empty tanks that are code compliant and exchange with full tanks. This means that you will have two full tanks all the time. Running out of gas during grilling will be the list of your worries.


The propane refill is cheap. During refill, the tank is filled up to the top. However, exchange companies leaves some allowance due to transportation and storage considerations. This means that the tanks are not completely full. The bottom line is that refilling is more convenient.

Yes. It’s like buying one get one free. This is especially true for a large propane gas tank. When you take your tank to exchange it, you’re paying extra for having a new tank. When you get it filled, however, you’re only paying for the gas. You can take your empty propane business to a local residential propane supplier to get your tanks filled for much cheaper than if you replaced them. Most local gas service spots generally charge the same so whatever place is most convenient to you will work. Running out of propane in the middle of grilling can be a nightmare. You need to stop everything you’re doing and run and exchange tanks at a local gas supplier. Make sure, then, that you always have your tanks filled before they are about to run out of propane. By having them filled instead of exchanged, you’re saving money which means you should be able to get your tanks filled more often for season after season of grilling.

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