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Surprise Your Taste Buds with These Bizarre Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Ice Cream Flavors


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Ice cream might not be the newest dessert invented, but it still can surprise and delight many with its zillion of flavors. These flavors are continually being taken to the next level, despite the fact that 28% of Americans still prefer vanilla (according to the International Ice Cream Association).

Yet with so many Americans eating ice cream daily?90% of Americans, in fact?spicing up the flavors probably isn?t a bad idea. But some of the flavors seem to be a bit of a stretch.

Do we really crave ice cream enough to cram it into ice cream cups filled with sausage, potatoes, and peas? Apparently. Because this ?mash? flavor is one of the many bizarre ice creams to choose from. With a flavor like that, it isn?t surprising that there are breakfast, lunch, and dinner flavors as well.

Here are a few to rummage through:

Dive into These Unusual Breakfast Ice Cream Flavors

Studies show that ice cream for breakfast can make you smarter. Yep. That?s right?smarter! It seems that a quick chill to the brain can help it wake up. If that?s the case, then maybe an early-morning-ice-cream craving isn?t so bad after all. But what will you put in your individual ice cream cups?

You could go for a healthy choice such as ice cream and fruit or maybe a traditional flavor like pancake ice cream. Yet those choices seem mild compared to the bold choice of bacon-flavored ice cream.

So if you are feeling daring, try

  • maple-bacon crunch
  • candied-bacon ice cream, and
  • hickory peach ice cream with candied bacon.

Or if you?re being really daring, try the mash cone with sausage, potato, and peas.

Lift Your Ice Cream Spoons to These Outrageous Lunch Ice Cream Flavors

If ice cream for breakfast doesn?t satisfy your craving, try tasting some of these unique lunch flavors.

If you?ve been a starving college student, then you probably have had a stockpile of Ramon in your cupboard at one time?which you might have occasionally experimented with. But have you tried pairing it with ice cream? Well, it appears that someone took that challenge because there is such an ice cream:
Chocolate covered Ramon noodle ice cream sandwich.

Besides a Ramon ice cream sandwich, there are other odd sandwich flavors that could be eaten for lunch. One of these is the potato chip rice krispie ice cream sandwich, a nice choice for those wanting to combine their whole lunch meal into a sandwich.

Are You Still ?Screaming for Ice Cream? by Dinnertime?

Breakfast and lunch ice cream flavors wouldn?t be complete without a few dinner flavors to choose from. With bacon being an option for your breakfast ice cream cup, it probably wouldn?t be surprising to find out that there are many other meat flavors to choose from.

For instance, there are ice cream flavors such as:

  • deep-fried oyster ice cream
  • pineapple shrimp ice cream
  • bone marrow with smoked cherries
  • horse flesh ice cream

I?m not sure if the 9% of the milk manufactured by U.S. dairy farmers for ice cream was destined to produce these bizarre ice cream flavors, but it seems they are out there, waiting for us to eat.

Maybe you have tried some of these odd flavors already. If you have, did you like them?

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