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The Importance of Cajun Cooking


Cajun cuisine is a popular style of cooking that began developing in the United States during the 18th century. Its development was the direct result of Acadian immigrants fleeing to the southern regions of the United States from Canada. Although much of true Acadian cooking techniques were lost, given the resources they found available, Cajun seafood developed a culture all of its own. Cajun cooking is known for its hearty dishes and spicy flavor. The chefs making creative use of the swamplands and wildlife as the ingredients they had available. Some of its more well-known dishes include jambalaya and gumbo.

Not to be confused with the Creole food or culture Cajun seafood was actually developed entirely separate from the Creole style, nearly 70 miles apart. A very simple way to tell the two apart in modern day cooking is to, generally speaking, check out where the food was cooked. Cajun seafood is typically seen as a more rustic or country food while Creole is viewed as more sophisticated food that one might find in a city. This difference does not take away from or lessen the wonderful flavors found in Cajun cooking, merely help distinguish it as a more family and tradition oriented food.

Not only is eating Cajun seafood a great way to experience a culture other than your own, but compared to the food Americans typically consume, it is a healthy yet tasty alternative. An entire quarter pound of crawfish tails amounts to only 82 calories. With a staggering 88% of consumers admitting that one of the reasons they choose to eat seafood is the health benefits, it’s no wonder that seafood sales are on the rise. Considering it is more hearty and and a bit spicy when properly prepared, Cajun seafood is a great way to work something healthier into your diet, all the while not having to sacrifice an ounce of flavor! Cajun cuisine plays no small role in helping to make the United States the overall third largest consumer of seafood in the world.

When trying Cajun cuisine for the first time, it is best for you to go somewhere that is authentic instead of going to a chain restaurant. Although kemah boardwalk restaurants would certainly make a fun trip or vacation for the family, in order to properly experience the culture you might be better off visiting a family run restaurant. A restaurant that was created by someone who actually grew up experiencing that culture is far more likely to hit the mark than one that is run by someone who has not. The most skilled chefs you can find in the Cajun seafood industry are almost always the chefs who grew up learning how to cook from their parents or grandparents. It is no secret that homemade authenticity always will have a special place for everyone who tries it. This passing down of family recipes only further ingrains the importance of Cajun culture in combination with the food.

So why not get out there and try something new today? If you are ever presented with the opportunity it is best to embrace it fully, as good authentic Cajun seafood is something worth getting hyped about. At worst, — even if you dislike the food — you will have broadened you culinary and cultural horizons, and, if you do happen to like it, you just may have discovered a couple of your new favorite dishes.

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