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4 Features to Look For in an Electric Meat Tenderizer


Eating out is the norm for most Americans. According to statistics, 34% of Americans engage in casual dining at least once a week.

Few things are as annoying as a steak that looks appetizing, which turns out to be impossible to chew. It could be the reason your restaurant loses its loyal customers, and your business earns a bad reputation for poor cuisines.

You cannot have much control over the texture of meat you receive from your supplier. But there is no excuse for serving unpalatable dishes to your customers.

Tenderizing meat is not rocket science; neither is it too much work. With the right equipment, you can have perfectly soft meat in a moment’s notice.

A meat tenderizer works by turning tough cuts into tender and juicy meat. It achieves this by breaking down the meat’s muscle fiber and softening the collagen. It also makes it easy to marinate the meat, allowing the flavors to get through every inch of the protein.

Although there are mechanical models, an electric meat tenderizer efficiently and quickly works on a large workload of meat at the push of a button.

How to Choose an Electric Meat Tenderizer

The meat tenderizer machine comes in different models with a variety of sizes. Each has the capability of handling different volumes and sizes of meat.

If you can’t find a model that meets your needs, you can always get a specialist to custom-make the best tenderizing machine for you.

Whether you are buying it ready-made or having it custom-designed, there are essential features to put into consideration when choosing a professional meat tenderizer.

1) It Should Be Efficient

Efficiency is an important aspect of any machine. It saves time, ensuring that the meals are made on time. Considering that tenderizing the meat is not the main part of preparing your meat, it should not take too much effort. Get a machine that shall not double your work.

Consider the features such as automation of some processes, multiple tenderizing blades, a high belt speed, and the ability for double penetration into the meat. The right machine should produce consistently excellent results with every use.

2) Safety Features

As an employer, you should never compromise on the safety of your employees. And this includes the machines you provide them to carry out their duties. The best electric meat tenderizer will be safe to use. Given the size of the commercial tenderizer, the device should be easy to operate with adequate safety guards.

For instance, an auto sensor should detect when the safety guards are not in place, and it should prevent feed until the situation is fixed. It should also provide visibility so that the operator can track the progress of the meat.

3) It Should Be Durable

Durability ought to be among the top factors that should be on your mind when picking an electric meat tenderizer. You want to make a worthwhile investment. And this means getting a robust machine, preferably made from stainless steel. The blades should be sturdy as well.

An electric meat tenderizer machine with a generous warranty is also an excellent option. It will prevent you from losing your money in case of a fault in the device.

4) Maintenance

Every machine requires proper maintenance to perform optimally and lasts as long as the manufacturer intended. Find out how often an inspection is needed. Will the manufacturer provide the service?

Cleaning the machine often is also necessary to extend its life. Ensure the device you purchase is easy to clean. It should be easy to disassemble and reassemble the tenderizing blades as needed.

In Summary

Like an industrial dough mixer, an electric meat tenderizer is a must-have for restaurant owners, butchers, and chefs. It turns hard cuts of meat into delicious and tender dishes.

The best machine will be efficient and easy to maintain. It will also be safe to use and durable, providing you with value for your money.

Choose a model that can handle the size of your cuts and the amount of workload your restaurant or shop handles. With the right tool in your hand, your work will not just get easier, but your business’s profitability will increase as well.


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