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Jumping on the Juicing Journey 5 Key Points to Consider


UPDATED 11/11/20

Individuals who are trying to eat more fruit might decide to drink all natural fruit juice instead. While the juicing process tends to take away most of the fiber that naturally occurs in fruit, the vitamins won’t be removed. Fruit juice can be as healthy as many types of unprocessed fruit, as long as people purchase the right fruitandnbsp;juice.

‘Smoothie’ is another word for fruit juice, although some people might disagree with that. People might ask: are juice plus ingredients organic? Some brands of juice have completely organic ingredients, although this won’t be the case for all of them. Customers often have to read about different juice brands and learn about juice press types.andnbsp;

Some people enjoy making their own smoothies and fruit juices, which can help them get around all of the challenges associated with researching different juice products. They’ll already know about the beverage’s ingredients. There are plenty of smoothie bowl recipes that are available today, and most of them are relatively easy.

People who don’t have a lot of cooking experience usually won’t have problems with preparing smoothies. They’ll just need a working blender and the right ingredients. People can sometimes consume several servings of fruit all at once with each smoothie.

Juicing has become a popular trend with Americans consuming more than 6 gallons of juices in 2015 with orange juice being the most popular. Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables is beneficial, such as reducing cardiovascular disease, leading to an increased curiosity about juicing. While juicing can be beneficial, there are some considerations, especially for those juicing for the first time. Read below to see some helpful advice and safety hints.

Safety First

It goes without mentioning that juices you buy in the store are different than fresh juices produced with with juicers such as commercial juicers, nsf certified juicer, sugarcane juice machine or any other type of juicer. No matter what type of automatic juicers you choose to use you should consider how quickly you will be drinking the juice. Typical juices that you buy from the store are pasteurized for safety. Juices that you make yourself with an nsf certified juicer or any other type juicer is not pasteurized. This means that you should drink juices that you make yourself immediately after making it. The pasteurization process keeps bacteria from growing and since there is no pasteurization process when making your own juices, the safest bet is to drink your juices immediately.

Things to Avoid

While it may be tempting to add as many fruits and vegetables into your super juice, there are few things that you should avoid. Broccoli should be avoided since it is difficult to digest. The side effects including bloating and gas would leave you feeling miserable rather than energized. Apples are safe for juicing so long as seeds are removed first. The seeds are poisonous when metabolized. Pineapple is a great source of vitamins until it is juiced. Once juiced the benefits are long gone leaving loads of unhealthy sugar. Consider which fruits and vegetables you are adding to your juicer, such as your nsf certified juicer. The point is to juice the produce, so those that are more meaty with less water are better left for the blender and a smoothie rather than a juicer.

Ensure Juicing Knows its Place

about juice press

Juicing is not intended to replace meals, and it should not be used for that. Juices can be beneficial in between meals, to help curb cravings, or even to help with snacks, but they should never be a meal replacement. Many fruits and vegetables do not contain enough protein for your body. These proteins are vital for proper function, and with solid juice diets your body does not get the nutrients it needs. Consider leaner proteins while juicing, but don’t cut out protein altogether or your body will not thank you later.

Thinking about Fiber

Juicing fruits and vegetables allows you to pack tons of vitamins into one drink, so that your body gets an overload of healthy nutrients right? There may be one thing missing though, that most people don’t even think about. Fiber, insoluble fiber, is stripped from fruits and vegetables during the juicing process. Fiber is important for the body to properly digest foods. Another benefit of fiber is it’s ability to make the body feel full. If you are considering many juices, then you should consider another fiber source to feed your body what it could be missing out on.

Consider Sugar Content

Many people don’t think twice about the amount of sugar contained in the fruits that they eat. When was the last time that you sat down and ate two to three apples, or two to three oranges? Probably not very often. When people eat fresh fruits, they typically eat one serving at a time, but when juicing there is more than one serving in the juice drink. When using any juicer, such as an nsf certified juicer or a commercial juicer you should consider the amount of sugar content against the nutritional value of the fruits you are adding. The benefits of the fruits will be far outweighed by the sugar content, thus almost eliminating the health benefits of juicing altogether.

Juicing holds many benefits when done right. Knowledge can help produce expected results. Consider these safety tips to help you get the most out of your juicing experience.

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